Okemos Public Schools Michigan reviews

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Okemos public schools are some of the best in the state of Michigan. Students here have access to a wealth of resources, and teachers are passionate about making sure each student succeeds. students here have access to a variety of programs and courses that help them reach their full potential.

whether you’re looking for a traditional high school experience or something more specialized, there’s sure to be an option that’s perfect for you. If you’re considering enrolling your child in Okemos public schools, you won’t be disappointed.

About Okemos public schools

The Okemos Public Schools were the district’s first established school in 1849 and now represents an expansive 22.5 square mile area in north-central Ingham County, Michigan. The district is adjacent to East Lansing, MI (home of Michigan State University) and just four miles east of Lansing.

It includes portions of three townships – Meridian Township, Alaiedon Township, and Williamstown Township – and enrolls 4,210 students within its 299 employee roster (298 teachers and 19 administrators).


In 2009, the school board voted to reorganize the district into five elementary schools, one middle school (grades 6-8), and one high school; this change will take effect beginning with 2010
it is a great place to send your children to school. The district includes three townships and employs 298 dedicated teachers, administrators, and support personnel. They’re proud to offer quality education to their 4,210 students.

A region is known for its top-ranked schools and educational programming. The district features five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school – each of which is ranked among the best.

An award-winning curriculum offers students a variety of unique opportunities, from Montessori education at Central Elementary School to the acclaimed Advanced Placement program at Okemos High School. Whatever your child’s interests or needs may be, they have a program that will meet them – and exceed their expectations.

Niche ranked the district as the #6 best schools in Michigan, and one’s schools feature top-notch educators and facilities there are programs designed for students from kindergarten to high school., they have something to offer everyone. So why not get a try?


Okemos Public Schools comprises four elementary schools, one [5-6] building, one [7-8] building, and one high school.

  • Kinawa 5-6 School
  • Okemos Public Montessori at Central
  • Cornell Elementary
  • Hiawatha Elementary
  • Chippewa 7-8 School
  • Okemos High School
  • Bennett Woods Elementary

Students at Okemos Public Schools

The student population of the schools run by Okemos Public Schools is 56.4 percent White, 6.1% Black, 24.3 percent Asian or Asian/Pacific Islander 5.6 percent Hispanic/Latino 0.2 0.2% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.1 percent Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander.

Furthermore, 7.4% of students have two at least one race, while zero have stated the race of their student or what ethnicity they belong to. Furthermore, 49 %t of pupils are female, and 51% are male. At these schools, 13.1 % of students qualify to be enrolled under the free or reduced-price federal food program. 7.4 % of students have English students.

Teachers at Okemos Public Schools:

Inside this Schools, 100% of teachers have been certified, and 92.2% are licensed with three or more years of teaching experience. Teachers and students ratios were lower than the national average of 70:1. The place has two full-time counselors.
Student-teacher ratio.


State average: 17:1
Percentage of teachers who are certified (average)100.0%
Teachers with 3 or more years experience (average) 92.2%
Number of full-time school counselors 2]

Test Scores at Okemos Public Schools:

At Okemos Public Schools, 74 % of elementary students were scored in the reading level. At the same time, 74% were tested at or above the proficient grade for mathematics. as well as 75 percent of middle schoolers were tested above or at the level of proficiency for reading.

In contrast, 66% were tested at or above the proficient threshold for mathematics. In addition, 83 percent of high school pupils were tested to or over the level of proficiency in reading, and 72% of them tested at or above the proficient grade for maths.

High school college readiness 54.6
High school graduation rate 92.6%


Finances at Okemos Public Schools

This school spends $10,475 per pupil each year. The school’s annual income is $62,622,000. In total, the district invested $7,017.6 million for instruction, $3,375.6 million on support services, and $390.6 million for other costs.


Okemos public schools in the outskirts of Lansing is a top-ranked school district. There are many reasons why it’s such an excellent option for your child, but we want to highlight some things that make Okemos stand out from other districts.

Website: Okemos Public School

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