The Best High Schools In Israel: Comprehensive Information

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Today we know about the best high school in Israel. In ancient times, the land of Israel was revered for its many religious and historical treasures. Today, this tiny country still has a great deal to offer tourists and expatriates alike. Among its many charms is an excellent education system, ranking as one of the best in the world. If you are looking for the best high school in Israel for your child, look no further! 

This article will delve into the various merits of Israeli schools and provide a ranking of the top ten high schools in the country. Whether you are a current or future resident of Israel, be sure to read on to find out more about what makes these institutions so special.

What makes great high school in Israel?

1. The best high schools in Israel are well-known for their excellent academics and rigorous programs.


2. Students at these schools have the opportunity to learn in a challenging and stimulating environment.

3. Many of the top high schools in Israel also offer various extracurricular activities, including music, art, and sports.

4. The graduates of these schools often achieve great success in college and beyond.

5. If you’re looking for excellent high school education, consider one of the best high schools in Israel.


high school in Israel uniforms

The uniform for summer at most state schools is the T-shirt and pants for girls and boys. The shirts may be any color that the school specifies. In general, the colors are an array of colors. Each school has its logo. 

An iron-on transfer is sewed to the shirt. Transfers are available at any store that is specialized in school uniforms. The cost of the shirt is inclusive of the transfer. The store will charge about 10 shekels to make the transfer even if you have not bought the shirt from them. In general, shorts, pants, and trousers are black or blue. Every institution has its very own unique requirements for uniforms for physical training (Chinuch Gufani), typically either blue, yellow, or white T-shirts. 

Every child in school must wear a white shirt known as ‘chultza Levana, for special occasions, such as ceremonies and other events. The winter uniform typically consists of an athletic sweatshirt or jeans. Some schools are more flexible in regards to coats and jackets for winter, while others require an open-front sweatshirt bearing the school’s emblem. Hoodies are permitted. Every school offers a winter version of the uniform that is used for physical fitness.

A white sweatshirt is mandatory for formal events, such as ceremonies and other special occasions. The state religious as well as Haredi Schools have separate dress codes, too, where the dress code generally comprises an unadorned white buttoned shirt as well as black pants for males, and cotton, buttoned-shirt, and black skirts for girls.


Israeli high school Academic calendar 

In Israel, the school’s academic year starts on the 1st of September. The academic year is concluded at the end of June, when middle schools and elementary schools, and high schools close the academic calendar on the 20th of June.

What is the best high school in Israel?

There are many great high schools in Israel, but the best one depends on your individual needs and preferences. Some students prefer a large school with a diverse student body, while others prefer a smaller, more intimate setting. Some students want a religious school, while others want a secular school. And finally, some students want a school that focuses on academics, while others want a school with a strong arts program. There is no one “best” high school in Israel – it all depends

Here is the list of some best high schools in Israel 

  • Kfar Pines uplana (Menashe Regional Council)
  • Bnei Akiva Even Shmuel ulpana
  • Beit Jann (Beit Jann)
  • Shevah Mofet (Tel Aviv)
  • Rehavia Gymnasium in Jerusalem
  • The Reali School in Haifa
  • Alliance – Tel Aviv
  • Tichon Hadash – Tel Aviv


There is no one “best” high school in Israel. Every student’s situation is different, and each person will have their own opinion on the best school for them. As high school students worldwide prepare for college, many of them are asking where the best high school in Israel to attend is. While there are many great schools, students will find that the standards of schooling are very similar around the globe. This makes for an easy transition when moving to a new country for college.


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