Top 10 Best High School in Denmark

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Looking for the best high school in Denmark? You’ve come to the right place for a world-class education, you don’t need to look further than Denmark. Our Higher Preparatory Examination will get you ready for university-level studies, while our Higher Commercial and Technical Examination Programmes provide career-focused training in some of the most in-demand fields. And if you’re not sure what you want to do after high school, our Basic Social and Health Education or Postsecondary Education programs might be right for you.

What age do you graduate high school in Denmark?

Denmark has one of the highest rates of graduation from high school in all of Europe. Danish students are required to graduate at 18 or 19 years old so that most Danes will have graduated by this time.

This is a result of the gymnasium system that requires children to attend until they’re 18 or 19 and then apply for admission into college if they wish to continue their education past compulsory schooling levels. It’s interesting how some countries use different approaches while still achieving similar results!



In Denmark, While tuition fees for Danish students and those from the EU are free, it doesn’t mean that studying is cheap by any means. International students will need to research how they can afford their tuition fees and living costs while studying here.

Luckily there is a range of scholarships and grants available that could help with these fee costs. The cost of tuition fees varies depending on which type of program you’re pursuing – but whatever your academic interests, it’s worth checking out what scholarship opportunities exist before making any decisions about where or how to study abroad!

Top 10 Best high school in Denmark

High School in Denmark
High School in Denmark

Aarhus international school :

Aarhus international school provides an internationally-minded education for students from all corners of the globe. With campuses in Aarhus and Odense, our programs cater to children of all ages, grade levels, and nationalities.


Our welcoming atmosphere and rigorous academic standards make Aarhus international school the perfect choice for families seeking an outstanding international education for their children.

Address Dalgas Ave 12, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
Yearly average tuition fees760-4170(DKK) $572.94 to 635.42 Us dollars.


Bjorn’s International School

Bjorn’s International School offers the highest quality of education in Denmark. Our experienced and dedicated teachers use a unique approach that helps students thrive in an international environment.

Bjorn’s International School offers a unique and internationally-minded secondary education in Denmark. Our students are prepared to thrive in an increasingly globalized world, focusing on critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Bjorn’s is one of the only schools in Denmark that follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, giving our students access to some of the best universities in the world.

Address Gartnerivej 5, 2100 København, Denmark
Yearly average tuition fees2100 ( DKK ) $319.99Us dollar


Copenhagen International school

Copenhagen International School is a new operator of international schools on the outskirts of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. Their primary focus is on providing high-quality education for children from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 in their five newly constructed buildings on an expansive 75 acres.

In contrast with most other international schools serving expatriates, the student population at CIS includes Danish nationals 79%, and 20% are non-Danish nationals. With well over 15 years of experience educating English-speaking students, CIS offers British National Curriculum (UK), American curriculum (US), and International Baccalaureate Programmes (IB). Copenhagen International School is the first Danish-curriculum international school that produces graduates eligible for 

US universities, or any university in Europe after completion. CISA offers international students an education inspired by the principles of democracy where individual merit and contribution are valued.


The mission of Copenhagen International School is to create a new model of innovative research-driven learning within an ethical framework through uniquely integrated curricula emphasizing social justice, environmental sustainability, multicultural understanding, reflection, and responsible citizenship.

AddressLevantkaj 4-14 ,2150 Nordhavn, Denmark  
Yearly average tuition fees126000-177000(DKK) $19,183 -26,948 USDollar 

Herlufsholim school

Herlufsholim school: Herlufsholim school is a world-class international institution, offering students from around the globe a first-rate education in a warm and supportive environment. Our dedicated faculty provides each student with individualized attention, fostering their creativity, curiosity, and love of learning.

Located in Denmark’s picturesque countryside, our campus features state-of-the-art facilities and lush green grounds perfect for exploration and play. Come experience the Herlufsholim difference!

Herlufsholim International School is one of the most prestigious schools in Denmark. Our world-class faculty provides students with a top-notch education that prepares them for success in any field they choose to pursue.

AddressHerlufsholm Allé 170, Næstved, Denmark

  Ingrid jespersens Gymnasieskde

Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskde in Denmark has been around since 1901. The building was originally designed for Christian IV’s Palace but then taken over by the Royal Military Academy until 1972 when it became a gymnasium. Sofie-Sofie Voldgård holds one of the few places to host Danish national debates during adolescence.

There are two types of lessons offered at this school: 1) Class Lessons—students can participate in any subject taught on campus with their peers 2) Seminars where students get exclusive supervision from professional teachers who share their knowledge and skills. This is an opportunity for students to delve deeper into whatever interests them. Additionally, there are international courses offered that other schools do not. A piece of history made available today.

Fantastic for use in your Danish home or office, world-renowned Danish architect Ingrid Jespersen designed this desk. It has been meticulously restored to its original form for you to enjoy. Support boards are included with the desk. This desk makes an excellent space-saving option when not needed full time because it can be worked on while resting against a wall or other furniture in the room.

AddressNordre Frihavnsgade 9-11 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
 Website :


Institute Sankt joseph

  Institute Sankt Joseph is a 99-year-old private school with boarding facilities and 700 students. It proves that an instate, single-gender education puts children at the heart of our work – whether they grow up on campus or live in another state altogether.

They offer an educator-centric Curriculum and top Quality of Teaching (QoT) ratings to support your child’s academic needs; They make it affordable by offering modest fees for accommodation and board and provide the widest variety of courses possible for girls who will pursue college degrees but also want to learn lifelong skills like how to knit, cook, fish, card wool clots, speak Norwegian.

Address Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 17, 2100København,Denmark

International school Ikast- Brande in Denmark

 International school Ikast- Brande in Denmark: In Denmark, teachers have been clocking in ten-hour workdays while managing a culturally diverse group of students. The day starts early with a full breadth of the curriculum delivered to all levels and abilities across seven instructional languages, including English, Danish, Arabic, and Chinese.


Evenings consist largely of extracurricular activities from Lego robotics to debating competitions for middle schoolers, while senior high students can get creative at the city’s open art studios or discuss international politics at the global democracy club.

Though Ikast-Brande looks surprisingly like rural Denmark from neighboring shores, its cost of living is remarkably low due to tax exemptions that benefit both locals and foreigners who wish to study abroad year round– whether they need a summer course.

AddressBøgildvej 2 ∙ 7430 ∙ Ikast ∙ Denmark 
CurriculumIB ,IGCSE


International School at Billund

This is the best School in Denmark, not to mention it’s one of the smallest. Not even so small! We have 24 different nationalities enrolled here at any given time, with 8 parent associations comprising 190 participants. It’s a great place for students–and parents–to learn about intercultural understanding and engage in memories that will last them their whole lives.


Located in rural, southern Denmark, just a few hours from Copenhagen and 15 minutes from Legoland, the International School at Billund offers an education for children and adults taught by a diverse group of international teachers representing many different cultures.

Internationally recognized as one of the top schools in Denmark, it is also ranked as number one among all schools outside Europe. With courses offered across six continents, those who attend ISB have been drawn from every continent on the planet save Antarctica.

AddressSkolevej 24, 7190 Billund, Denmark
 Yearly average tuition fees2804-3140(DKK) $ 426.90- 478.05 US Dollar



Odense International school in Denmark

If you’re an international student or a global company looking to improve your English skills, then the Odense International school in Denmark may be for you. With this school’s new interactive system, students can access live instruction after designing their learning paths with help from mentors, student liaisons, and language coaches.

This level of guidance has resulted in exemplary scores on standardized exams like IELTS (International English Language Testing System). They offer striking insights into languages one might not necessarily encounter otherwise through documentaries and interviews on culture-focused programs like RT News.

CA$5300 – CA$8000 per term; Expat costs (Accommodation) included!

Odense International school is the perfect space to learn alongside diverse groups of people while


This is a school for international students living in Denmark. Their approach to education is tailored to suit the needs of those from other cultures and backgrounds by emphasizing employability, flexibility, trade-offs, and globalism as strengths that high-performing nations need.

They feel that these skills are highly appreciated in the globalized world economy. The school offers a range of courses across its six schools: business, humanities & sciences, languages & social studies, art & design subjects (such as photography or fashion), and music. Students can also take refresher lessons with one-on-one tutoring if they need extra help on their performance before tests or exams starts.

AddressSlotsvænget 3, 5000 Odense, Denmark


Rygaards International school

 Established in 1950, Rygaards International is Denmark’s best school for children and adolescents. We offer an exceptional education to more than 1,000 students from 71 countries on a modern campus designed by renowned architect Henning Larsen. Co-educational from year one, our new kindergarten will be ready this September.


Established in 1950, RIGAARDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN DENMARK offers the best of Danish education, focusing on global citizenship and entrepreneurship while providing facilities designed for international mindedness with quality English language instruction.

Our elementary school stresses a dual curriculum of Anglo American fusion teaching, which is then reinforced by special courses that teach social studies lessons through topics relating to Denmark’s role as a global

AddressDalgas Ave 12, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
 Yearly average tuition fees36025(DKK)$ 5,485 US Dollar
  CurriculumBritish, Catholic, and International

Conclusion for high school in Denmark

While Denmark is a small country, it has the world’s best education system. The Danish government offers nine types of high school programs, each with its own benefits and outcomes.


And if you’re still not sure what you want to do after graduation, there are plenty more options available in postsecondary education too! Whether you’re looking to get a world-class education, learn the skills that will help propel your career forward, or want to explore what interests you before deciding on a program of study, Denmark has something for everyone.

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